Ian Kirk in front of the UMM School of Nursing, celebrating his Kay/Moore Scholarship.Scholarships

Childhood cancer often leaves many families in debt, and the survivor with learning challenges that may make it difficult to get into college or other post-secondary educational institutions.

To help ease that burden, Special Love provides educational scholarships to young cancer survivors who have participated in Special Love’s programs for books, housing and/or tuition through our Kay/Moore Scholarship Fund, and our Guardian Scholarships.

To date, we provided more than 650 scholarships to Special Love campers!

The Kay/Moore Scholarship Fund* was established in 1989 to provide scholarships to both current and past campers. Scholarships are awarded to eligible applicants who complete and return the application by the deadline. We are currently accepting applications for 2019 scholarships. Scroll down to the announcement section for more information about eligibility guidelines and how to apply.

Guardian Scholarships* A Guardian award is funded by an individual donor who will have the opportunity to meet and receive progress reports on the recipient’s progress. Awards can be named for the donor, company or in memory of a loved one. Scholarships are awarded to eligible applicants who complete and return the application by the deadline.

*For Special Love participants only

For information in establishing a Guardian Scholarship and help launch a young cancer survivor into the next level of education, contact Kim Jappell.


Special Love’s Kay/Moore Scholarship for Young Adults with Cancer applications are now available for campers interested in applying for post-secondary educational scholarships who have participated in a Special Love camp-based programs.  (Sporting events and/or Circus Night do not count as a camp-based program.)

Download the application, complete, sign and mail to Special Love’s offices or submit via email to along with all supporting material.

Applications must be received in the Special Love office no later than Monday, April 1, 2019 to be considered.

2019 Scholarship Application
Application Checklist
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