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Emergency Financial Relief

Large group photo of recipients of Financial Relief from Special Love.

A cancer diagnosis changes every aspect of a family’s life. Next to the well-being of a child, a parent’s most pressing concern is often financial.

When possible, Special Love helps campers with non-medical financial needs through The Kathy Russell Emergency Relief Fund, named in recognition of Kathy’s dedicated service as a Camp Fantastic volunteer and member of the Special Love Board of Directors.

Emergency funds are available for utilities that are in danger of being shut off for non-payment, such as electricity, gas, and phone bills. We also can assist with rent or mortgage payments, as well as auto repairs that are necessary to allow a parent or caregiver to provide transportation to and from medical treatment.

You must request funds through the patient’s social worker, doctor, or other hospital representative and not from Special Love. All payments are made directly to the service provider and not the customer.

If you’re a past or current camp family in need of financial assistance, please let us know. Contact Dave Smith at or call (888) 930-2707.

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