Help Special Love send a kid with cancer to camp.   Here's what you can do...   Donation How it helps $650 ...sends a child for a week $400 ...sends a family to a weekend camp $250 ...sends a child for a weekend $125 ...feeds a child for a week at camp $75 ...sponsors a child for a day at camp $25 ...sends a hug to camp For a gift of $250 or more, you receive our Special Love Camp Spirit Kit (including a camp t-shirt)!  Click here to see the Camp Spirit flyer.     Of course, every little [...]

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Inspirational People

survivorsSpecial Love's mission is to provide "support services" to children with cancer and their families. Some of those services we can provide directly -- scholarships, transportation to camp, etc -- and some, perhaps the most important, require that we get out-of-the-way and let inspirational people share who they are with people who need inspiration.

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YACing It Up

Splashdown!  YAC 2010YAC weekend 2011 kicks off in Jamestown on Friday.  This Fantastic weekend nurtures a community of support for young adult survivors and brings old camp friends back together again.  


Last year we went to a Splashdown waterpark (clearly a big hit with the YACer at right).  This year we figure we'll cut out the middle man and head straight to the ocean.  Sunshine and sea air; that's what it's all about.

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