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Staff Reflections

I am truly humbled by the amazing group of volunteers who have gathered here for a week of service and compassion. Like most families, we are diverse. There are extroverts and introverts. There are young and not as young. There are medical experts and those who don’t know a rubber glove from a rubber band. There are veterans who have been doing this for almost 30 years and rookies. There are country music fans and rockers. There are former campers now rooming with their former counselors. […]

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Camp moments – big and small

We do BIG things at camp. We have camp carnivals with games, prizes, motorcycle rides, a dunk tank and fire truck rides. We transform bland cafeterias into dazzling cruise lounges. We put together over 25 daily class offerings including film class, archery, canoeing, jewelry making, duct tape designs, bottle rocketry, and much more. […]

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