Julia’s Summer: Camp Fantastic

The following is excerpted an essay written by our very own Julia Jones (below left) for World Harvest Outreach. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did: For one week every summer I get to go to camp. Camp is my happy place. This camp is called Camp Fantastic. In 1983 Tom and Sheila Baker lost their daughter Julie to childhood cancer, and inspired by their daughter and other children they met who were battling cancer they started Specialove. Tom and Sheila wanted to provide a place for kids to reclaim childhood and for families to get together [...]

Registration Now Open for “Fall in Love 10K/5K Run & Walk”

        Registration is now open for the 4th annual "Fall in Love 10K/5K Run & Walk," on Oct. 15th at the C & O Towpath (GPS Address: 3500 Water St NW, Washington, DC 20007).   Race starts at 10 am and walkers and kids are welcome. Help us raise even more money by joining our team on CrowdRise! For more information, visit    Click here to see the 2015 race results!   Hope to see you there!  

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Swing into Spring!

Join us at any of these THREE golf tournaments in June and you'll help send more kids to camp!   The Mark Moseley Celebrity Golf Tournament (June 2nd at Raspberry Falls) - a frill-filled celebrity event with NFL Hall of Fame kicker Mark Moseley and other sports dignitaries.  A perfect way to schmooze with corporate clients - or just treat yourself to a classy day of golf!   The John Mansini Sr. Golf Tournament (June 2nd at Stonehenge Golf & Country Club, Richmond) - hosted by the Richmond Shag Club and featuring a relaxing day of golf with great giveaways and prizes.  Grab a [...]

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Additional support for parents

Moms and Dads need more than just an overnight stay to get through their child's cancer experience.  Check out our Parent Getaway Weekend page for news and links to other events and support services for parents and caregivers.

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Show Your Holiday Spirit!

  'Tis the season to be Fantastic - by making it possible for kids with cancer to enjoy year-round fun at Special Love events like Fantastic Winter Weekend in January.  You'll feel warm and toasty inside while kids like Mohini and Amanda (below, with volunteer Bridget in the middle) can get outside to laugh and renew camp friendships.  Click here (or on the "Spirit" badge below) to make a tax-deductible year-end donation today!      

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It takes a village

Blacksburg Middle School Guidance Counselor Tammy Heft buzzed her hair for Special Love. If you've ever been to a Special Love event you know it's a complex beast.  There are days to plan, activities to coordinate, staff to wrangle, meals to arrange, transportation to worry about, lodging to assign, and all that before the first campers and staff show up to check in.  But above and beyond all of that is the other side of Special Love: fundraising.  For those who, like me, exist primarily on the programs side of the house, fundraising always seems to happen by [...]

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Reporting on Camp’s Best!

According to Ye Olde Fantastic Chronicle (camp newspaper) Staff What is your favorite thing about camp? Nicolas (11 yrs. old, 4th year at camp): Meeting new people and making friends. Evie (8 yrs. old, 3rd year at camp): Going to the carnival because it’s a lot of fun. Jake (12 yrs. old, 2nd year at camp): Getting to enjoy doing all the things I love to do like playing games, telling jokes, singing, and dancing. Jackson (12 yrs. old, 6th year at camp): Newspaper class – it’s a good way to meet new people. Joey (15 yrs. old, 5th year [...]

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West Coast Doctor Wouldn’t Miss Volunteering

Written by Christopher Barnett, MD, MPH, University of California San Francisco, Special Love Volunteer Last night was the Camp Fantastic talent show. About halfway through, a camper came onto stage to perform “holding breath.” He took a big breath in and held it while we all counted to 30, and the audience went crazy with thunderous applause. A few hurried bows and he ran off the stage so the next campers could sing, dance, beat drums, fold origami or act in a skit. Some acts were simple and some complex, but the audience response was always the same… whistles, hoots [...]

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Journey to the Final Year as a Camper

Written by Angela Bickmann, 2013 Camp Fantastic Camper Camp Fantastic 2013, my last year at camp…as a CAMPER!!! There is no doubt or question in my mind whether or not I’ll come back as a counselor, even though I’ll be moving across the country. I’ve been coming here since 2011. Bald, and weak yet strong, I came to camp without my wig, knowing that it would be a place where I could show my true colors and people would understand. I had just finished my chemo treatment, so it wasn’t the year with the most fun but it was definitely [...]

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