Update on “Casino Royale” on April 15th

/Update on “Casino Royale” on April 15th

Update on “Casino Royale” on April 15th


As if our annual gala wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve added two more exciting opportunities that will be waiting when guests arrive:


1. A “wine pull” (below right) where guests buy a numbered cork for $20 and win the bottle of wine that corresponds with that cork. Guests are sure to get their money’s worth and some will get a lot more than that!


2. A “money machine” (below left) where guests can buy a chance to step inside a whirling tornado of cold, hard cash and grab as much as they can before time’s up. We can’t wait to see which folks get a turn for some quick riches.

CashGrab (small)wine pull image



Still haven’t bought your ticket yet?  There’s still time (but not much) – visit www.specialove.org/casinoroyale and order by Wed., April 6th!



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