Ian Kirk in front of the UMM School of Nursing, celebrating his Kay/Moore Scholarship.Scholarships

Kay/Moore Scholarship Fund

Childhood cancer leaves many survivors with both debts and learning challenges that may make it difficult to get into college or other post-secondary educational institutions. Each year, Special Love provides a total of approximately $50,000 in financial assistance, divided among dozens of young cancer survivors, for books, housing, and tuition through the Kay/Moore Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are open to any past  or current cancer patients who have participated in one of Special Love’s programs and requires the candidate to complete an application process. The application process is closed for the 2018/2019 school year and will reopen on February 1st, 2019

Sponsor a Guardian Scholarship

If you’re interested in helping our courageous campers move beyond cancer, consider sponsoring a Guardian Scholarship. It’s easy. As one Guardian Scholarship donor explains, “We decided to participate in the Guardian Scholarship program as a further means to support and encourage a special young person who has fought this battle. These warriors are our personal heroes. And, as education is a vital part of a successful future, it is our honor to assist one of our young heroes to move past the disease and prepare for a bright future.”

Want to help launch a young cancer survivor onto the next level of education? Please donate to the Kay/Moore Scholarship Fund here.

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