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Patients & Survivors

When one 11-year-old camper told us he liked Camp Fantastic better than Special Love’s other camps, we asked him why. “Because my parents don’t get to come with me,” he said smiling. We understand. Sometimes a child battling cancer needs the independence, a brief separation from worried, hands-on caregivers. Our camps for patients and survivors give young cancer patients that space, under the watchful eyes of our qualified counselors and staff. (And mom and dad get a well-deserved break, too.)

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Camp Fantastic

August 12-18, 2018

“There’s a reason it’s called “Fantastic” – it’s how you feel when you’re there! Started in 1983, Camp Fantastic is Special Love’s hallmark program, offering a week-long adventure to children ages 7 to 17 who have received cancer-specific treatment within the past three years.

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Fantastic Winter Weekend

January 4-6, 2019

From snow angels to moguls! Fantastic Winter Weekend gives 13- to 25-year-old patients the chance to enjoy an off-site trip to Bryce Resort. We’ll be skiing, snowboarding, inner tubing, sledding, or just drinking hot cocoa in front of the fire – your choice.

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YAC Weekend

May 31 – June 2, 2019

Young Adults with Cancer, affectionately known in our community as “YACers,” have unique needs that typical kids camps don’t normally address.With activities ranging from the adventurous to strictly relaxing, YAC Weekend is the perfect summer getaway for 18- to 25-year-old cancer survivors.

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Fantastic Friends Weekend

June 28-30, 2019

The teenage years are difficult enough without the added burden of cancer. For 13- to 17-year-old cancer patients, Special Love offers Fantastic Friends Weekend to give them a chance to include their best friends in the “camp experience.”

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