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Ryan’s Blog About Camp Fantastic Print E-mail

Ryan Tomoff

  Ryan pictured center with the tennis class at Camp Fantastic

When I was asked to write a blog for Special Love and what the transition was like from Camper to counselor I had to put a lot of thought and time before I could start writing it. Do not get me wrong but being a camper was a blast. When you’re a camper you have much more freedom as a person. The year off from the transition from camper to counselor was one of the hardest things because I would be missing out on all the fun at camp fantastic. As a counselor you will be asked all the where your campers are. As a counselor you have to worry about your campers and know where they are at all times. As a camper I was welcomed into the special love family and to this day I am still apart of this and have met the most fantastic people on the face of this earth. I have met some of my best friends, some who haven’t made it and those who have. I am so grateful to be such apart of a wonderful organization like special love.



Fall is Special, and so are our events! Print E-mail


Now that the “busy season” is past (except for Octoberfest Family Weekend on 10/10-12, of course) join us at one of several Special Events that are coming up this fall.  You can choose from happy hours, 5K runs, golf tournaments, and more!  Participating in any of them will help us send more kids to camp and provide them with our year-round community of support, so your enjoyment is guaranteed guilt-free!  Click here for details.


Every kid has the right to be a kid. Print E-mail

Special Love lets kids be kids, through camps, financial assistance, and a community of support that lets them (and their families) know that they’re not alone in their battle.


You can support our community of support through your donation and check out our latest LoveLetter, view our 2014 Calendar of Events, volunteer, or sign up for our email list.


Our programs are held throughout the year at fully-modernized facilities in the Greater Washington, DC area. Check out our programs for Patients & Survivors, Siblings, and Families by using on the menu above.



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